Signes of The World War II in Pomeranian Region: Stutthof & Westerplatte

During this tour you will learn about dramatic chatper in Polish history: 

Nazi occupation, but also will strolling in Gdansk - a gem of ancient Polish Kingdom. 

Meet your local tour guide and go first to Stutthof Concentration Camp - created by the Nazis close to Danzig / Gdansk / at the very beginning of Word War II in Europe. Place of extermination of inmates from 23 lands, place of Holocaust thousands of Jews. Gate of Death, authentic huts, watch towers, gas chamber, crematorium, ashes - all this reminds tragic, cruel story. Mortification, degradation, inmates horrible living conditions, extermination by hunger,murderous work, gassing, mass shooting, hanging,"needlings" witch ended "medical attention" - all employed here for "final solution". 


After 1 hour drive back to Gdansk - visit Westerplatte – the  national memorial. A handful of people on this scrap of land beat off the following attacks from the overwhelming German army during 7 days. A walk along the wooded avenues allows you to learn about this first act of WW II filled with drama and bravery. The great views unfold onto the Gdańsk Bay and   part of the city called Gdańsk – Nowy Port with the port complex from the monument hillock.

Old Town: Old Crane machinery, Long Market Square with Neptun's Fountain, Town Hall, Golden Gate, Torture House, Arsenal, St. Mary's Church , Mariacka Lane with its terraces and amber shops. Short time for shopping / refreshments and drive back to the pier or your hotel. 

Entry fees included.

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