Tricity – 1000 year’s old Gdańsk- Resort Sopot- Port Gdynia



Route: Medieval Pre-Gate Complex of Długa Street - Long Street and Long Market – Long Wharf (Długie Pobrzeże) - St Mary's Street - Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary (St Mary's Church) - Piwna (Beer) Street - Great Armoury - Targ Węglowy (Coal Market). 

A sightseeing tour along the most representative streets of Gdańsk will bring closer the complex character and the former splendour of the city on the Motlawa river. The route leads along the best known historical monuments of Gdańsk: the Golden Gate, the Main Town Hall, the Neptune Fountain plus many more. The attraction in the summer season is the atmosphere of the multilingual crowd of tourists. Along this route there are plenty of shops with products by local amber craftsmen and many kinds other souvenirs.

The Old Town 

Route: Podmłyńska and Wielkie Młyny (Grand Mills) streets - St Catherine's Church - St Bridget's Church - Osiek quarter and the Polish Post Office Defenders' Square - A Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers. 

This definitely less frequently visited quarter hides many historical attractions. A sightseeing tour along the Radunia Canal shows the significance of the Teutonic Knights Order their reign in the city's history, while a visit to St Bridget's Church allows education and understanding of the very nature of the Solidarity movement. The little streets of Osiek filled with the extraordinary atmosphere lead to the Polish Post Office Defenders' Square where one of the first WW II dramas took place.


Route: St George' Garrison Church - the Monte Casino Heroes' Street - the Pier - the Northern Park - the Old Rampart

Health Resort Sopot - no doubting this is a real pearl of the Polish Coast. A popular pedestrian zone of Monte Casino the Heroes' Street stretches to the longest pier in Europe. The pre-war architecture of the city gives interesting aesthetical impressions. And the nature lovers will be surprised by the beauty of the seaside flora, animal and marine life.


Route: the Kosciuszko Square - battleship ORP 'Błyskawica' (Lightning) - the sailing ship 'Dar Pomorza' (Gift of the Pomerania Region) - the Stone Hill. 

Gdynia - A city phenomenon of the 2nd Polish Republic. A sightseeing tour goes past the city’s attractions telling its history. How the city developed, the port's importance and its difficult years in Polish history. The unquestionable attraction is the visit onboard the excellently maintained destroyer ORP 'Błyskawica' (Lightning), which served in many maritime campaigns during WW II. A wonderful panorama of the city as the port and shipyard complex unfolds from the top of the Stone Hill.

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